The new home for a food innovator. Chobani is more than just a purveyor of yogurt — they envision food as a force for good, and identify as a ‘food-focused wellness company”.

Working in parallel to Chobani's brand evolution, we collaborated with their design team to stress-test the new brand system in a digital context. Content was structured to tell the story of: Product (Desire), Recipes (Inspiration), and Impact (Vision) — each rallying around the central aspiration to think beyond simply the core product. With an eye toward growth including future commerce and editorial integration, we crafted a modular system leveraging Contentful, a headless CMS, on a serverless infrastructure which means that the current iteration can accommodate whatever future evolutions the site takes. To simplify the wide matrix of product and flavors SKUs, we developed a ‘flavor picker’ tool for fun exploration within each yogurt category.

Agency — Stink Studios
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